A few months ago my youngest daughter, Jada (11), wrote a letter to President Obama. I caught it just as it was going out in the mail – she “addressed it” and stamped it herself. She addressed it simply to “President Obama” and the address was “The White House.” I’m pretty sure she had about 12 stamps on it too. I wasn’t sure if it would make it or not and even less sure she would actually get any kind of reply but much to my surprise, she did!! Not only did she get a letter, but she received an entire kit, complete with photos, literature, and a kid’s sticker activity set. She was so excited she was practically doing cartwheels! So without further ado, here are pictures of what she received!



The letter reads:

Dear Jada:

Thank you for writing. My Administration is committed to promoting peace and security around the world, and I appreciate your thoughts.

Your generation will play an important role in addressing the challenges we face, and your interest in the world around you gives me great hope for the future. I encourage you to stay engaged in the issues that are important to you, and to dedicate your energy and talent to improving your community and your country. Through academic achievement and service, young people like you will accomplish great things as you lead America in the 21st century.

Thank you, again, for writing.


Barack Obama (signature)

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